Using the Midjourney /tune Command

Midjourney /tune Command

Enhance the uniqueness of your Midjourney visuals with the Style Tuner. Initiate the Midjourney /tune command to generate a variety of sample images, each showcasing diverse visual styles influenced by your initial prompt. Select the images that resonate with you the most, and in return, you’ll receive a distinct code. This code is your key to personalizing the appearance of future Jobs.

Expand your creative horizons by sharing your Style Tuner and Codes with others. This facilitates a collaborative environment to discover, share, and experiment with varied visual aesthetics.

Please note, the /tune feature is exclusively compatible with Midjourney Model Version 5.2 and is accessible only in Fast Mode. The --style parameters generated via the Style Tuner align with --stylize values ranging from 20 to 1000.

How to Use the Style Tuner

1. Craft Your Unique Style Tuner

2. Choose Your Favorite Styles

  • Style Directions: Decide on the quantity of image pairs you wish to view in your Style Tuner. Options include 16, 32, 64, or 128 pairs.
  • Default Mode: Select your preferred style mode, choosing between Default or Raw.

3. Submit your Job

  • Click the Submit button.
  • Confirm your submission.

Your Style Tuner creates two images for each Style Direction you select. For instance, if you opt for a Style Tuner with 16 directions, it will produce 32 images in total. Similarly, choosing 128 directions will result in the generation of 256 images. Keep in mind that creating these images consumes the Fast GPU time allocated in your subscription. You can read more here about modes in Midjourney.

4. Open Custom Tuner

Upon completion, the Midjourney Bot will directly message you with a link to your custom Style Tuner. Simply click on this link to launch your Style Tuner in your web browser.

Try this Style Tuner:

5. Select Images

Your Style Tuner will display multiple rows of image duos, where each pair represents a unique visual interpretation of your prompt. For each pair, click on the image that appeals to you the most. If neither image strongly resonates with you, simply leave the middle box, indicating no preference, selected.

6. Copy Your Code

The Style Tuner creates a unique code that you can incorporate into your prompts using the –style parameter.

To Copy Your Prompt and Parameter:

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the page where your customized code is located.
  2. Click the “Copy” button. This action will copy both your original prompt and the newly generated –style parameter.
  3. You also have the option to share your Style Tuner page with friends. The great news is that generating new codes through this sharing doesn’t consume any additional GPU minutes!

7. Create an Image

  • Go back to Discord.
  • Utilize the /imagine command and paste the copied prompt along with the –style parameter into the prompt field.
  • Proceed to generate your image.

8. Use Additional Tools

Enhance your image further by utilizing additional Midjourney tools such as Upscale, Pan, Zoom-Out, Remix, or Vary-Region. These tools offer more creative control and can add significant depth and detail to your visual creation.

9. Experiment with Prompts and Parameters

  • Utilize Your Style Code with Different Prompts: While the Style Tuner initially uses your specific prompt to showcase the impact of your choices, the codes it generates are versatile and can be applied to any prompt.
  • Embrace Experimentation: The interaction between style codes and prompts can be intricate. A code might produce a pronounced effect on one prompt, while only subtly influencing another that’s quite similar. The choices you make in your Style Tuner can lead to unexpected and innovative combinations. Use these style codes as a creative tool to explore fresh looks and visuals.
  • Create Additional Codes: Feel free to revisit your Style Tuner page anytime. There, you can modify your selections and generate new codes as you see fit.
  • Exchange Style Codes: Don’t hesitate to share your style codes or use ones created by friends. The Midjourney style-tuner channel is an excellent place to share your codes and discover a variety of new styles!

10. Save and Reuse Your Codes

Activate the /settings command and enable Sticky Style. This feature conveniently saves the last –style parameter you used in your personal suffix. With Sticky Style active, there’s no need to repeatedly input the code for future prompts. To switch codes, simply use a new –style parameter or deactivate Sticky Style.

Leverage custom options to keep your favorite codes easily accessible.

Alternatively, consider setting up your own Discord server. This can serve as a personalized space to systematically organize your images, prompts, image references, and Style Tuner codes, enhancing your overall creative process.

Midjourney Style Tune Examples


prompt vibrant california poppies

All images made with style codes made using using this Style Tuner.

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