Midjourney 2x and 4x Upscalers

Midjourney 2x and 4x Upscalers

Midjourney releasing two new upscalers today a 2x upscaler and a 4x upscaler.

More information:

  • You can see 2x and 4x upscale buttons under any normal V5 or Niji job after clicking U1/U2/U3/U4,
  • You can use it on old jobs using /show jobid,
  • The upscaler is subtle and tries to keep details as close as possible to the original image (but may not fix glitches or issues with the old image).
  • The 4x upscaler costs roughly 3x more GPU minutes than the 2x upscaler.

Please Note:

  • Both upscalers only work with fast-gpu time right now,
  • We don’t know if we have enough GPUs yet to enable it in relax mode,
  • We may do brief load tests over the coming week where we enable it on relax mode and see what happens.

Known issues:

  • Under very rare occasions you may see get a black or corrupted image on 4x upscales (still investigating),
  • A blurry low resolution image will not be ‘unblurred’ by upscales,
  • Images might get slightly slightly darkened sometimes by upscalers.

How to Use the Midjourney Upscale Tools

1. Generate an Image

Create an image using the /imagine command.

2. Select an Image

Use a U button to separate your selected image from the grid.

3. Select Upscale 

Click on the Upscale button to upscale your image. The upscaler will double the size of your image.

We hope you have fun!

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